Static and Dynamic Testing Laboratory

We provide a verification of structural design while verifying the strength of structural elements, weldments and other components with a precise record of the elastic and plastic deformations [e = 0.01 mm]. We will verify the occurrence of defects and failures within the expected operating life of the tested object.

We perform static strength testing according to standards:

  • Grula Si
  • UIC 566
  • GOST 55995
  • according to customer specifications

Laboratory equipment:

Hydraulic test equipment to test static and dynamic strength [F = ±20 kN, v = 1÷100 mm/s].


Hydraulic equipment for cyclic tests with high loads [F = 6000 N] to verify dynamic strength and/or durability of structural units.


Equipment for dynamic impact test [l = 2 000 mm, m = 9÷50 kg].

All our devices undergo regular calibration to get the most accurate measurement results and to ensure repeatability of testing.

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