Fire Safety Laboratory

With fire safety tests we survey and evaluate products in respect of their reaction to fire and we carry out a classification of materials and components according to the requirements of EN standards 45545. We cooperate on research and development of new fire resistant materials for railway. On top of that, we provide a comprehensive assessment of material properties and their usability in transport solutions.

We perform fire safety tests according to standards:

  • EN 45545-2

  • ISO 5660-1

  • ISO 5659-2

  • GOST 55995

Laboratory equipment:

Chamber for optical smoke density testing according to ISO 5659-2 with a heater capacity of 70 kW/m2


Cone calorimeter for measuring radiant heat depending on weight loss and oxygen consumption according to ISO 5660-1 with a heater capacity up to 100 kW/m2


Simple chamber to test fire resistance with forced exhaustion

All our devices undergo regular calibration to get the most accurate measurement results and to ensure repeatability of testing.

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